SetDrawBrokenLines — Sets whether lines should be broken at missing data




SetDrawBrokenLines determines how to plot lines with missing data points. By default, PHPlot will act as if the point does not exist, connecting the points before and after the missing datum in the usual way. Use SetDrawBrokenLines to leave a gap between the points before and after missing data instead.

This only applies to 'lines', 'linepoints', and 'squared' plot types.



True to break the lines at missing data points. False to connect the lines around missing data.


The default is to ignore missing data and connect lines around missing points.

A missing data point is indicated by an empty string in the corresponding position for the dependent variable value in the data array. This is the Y value for vertical plots, or X value for horizontal plots. See Section 3.3.4, “Missing Data in Data Arrays” for more information. Logo

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