SetDrawXDataLabelLines — Draw data label lines for vertical plots




SetDrawXDataLabelLines enables drawing of data label lines for plot types that support them. Data label lines are vertical lines drawn from the data points to the edge or edges of the plot with the axis data labels. In the usual case, with the X axis data labels at the bottom of the plot, the data label lines would be drawn from the data points to the bottom of the plot area. Depending on the data label locations set with SetXDataLabelPos, the lines would be drawn up, down, or in both directions from the data points to the top or bottom of the plot area.

To use data label lines, you generally want to turn off X ticks, X tick labels, and the X grid lines. Your data array needs to provide data labels, which will be drawn by default at the bottom of the plot area.



True to draw the data label lines, False to not draw the lines.


X data label lines only work with these plot types: lines, points, linepoints, and bubbles. Data label lines can only be drawn if X axis data labels are on.

If a graph contains multiple data sets, data label lines drawn down will start at the maximum Y value for each X value. Data label lines drawn up will start at the minimum Y value for each X value.

By default, data label lines are not drawn.

For an example of X data label lines, see Section 5.33, “Example - Linepoints Plot with Data Value Labels”.

This function is for vertical plot types. For the horizontal plot types, see SetDrawYDataLabelLines. Logo

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