SetDrawYAxis — Enable or disable drawing of the Y axis line




SetDrawYAxis enables or disables drawing of the Y axis line. Disabling the Y axis line should be necessary only in special applications.



True to draw the Y axis line, False to not draw the Y axis line.


By default, the Y axis line is drawn.

Disabling the Y axis line does not disable associated plot elements, nor change the plot margin calculation. To produce a completely 'bare' plot, you must turn off the grid, tick marks, tick labels, and data labels. You also need to turn off the plot area border, which defaults to left and right sides. Lastly, you might want to reduce the margins, since the default minimum margin is 15 pixels on each side of the plot area, even if there are no axis lines, labels, or titles. See SetDrawXAxis for sample code.


This function was added in PHPlot-5.3.0. Logo

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