SetLegendColorboxBorders — Control the borders around color boxes in the legend




SetLegendColorboxBorders controls the appearance of the borders around the color boxes in the legend. The borders can be off, on using the Text color, or on using the set of Data Border colors.



Optional string indicating the color mode for the legend color boxes. If supplied, it must be one of the following values:

noneNo color box borders are drawn
textcolorUse the Textcolor for all legend color boxes
databordercolorUse successive entries from the Data Border Colors array for each legend color box

If omitted, textcolor is used.


By default, the color boxes are drawn using the text color set with SetTextColor, which defaults to black.

If the color box border mode is databordercolor, then the colors set with SetDataBorderColors are used. (These are the same colors used as borders for the bars in a bar chart.) The top line (or bottom line, if SetLegendReverse(True) is used) in the legend will have a color box using the first data color (see SetDataColors) and a border using the first data border color, etc.


This function was added in PHPlot-6.0.0. In earlier releases, the legend color boxes always had a border using the text color. Logo

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