SetLineStyles — Set the line style (solid or dashed) for each data set




SetLineStyles selects the line style for each plotted data set.



An array of strings, each either 'solid', for solid lines; 'dashed', for dashed lines, or 'none', to suppress the lines (see notes). Or, a single value of 'solid' or 'dashed' to apply to all data sets.


If an array is used for $ls, it must use zero-based sequential integer indexes.

The line style for dashed lines can be set with SetDefaultDashedStyle.

By default, the line styles are 'solid', 'solid', and 'dashed'. (As with all style arrays, PHPlot duplicates the array as needed for the number of data sets to be plotted.) This means the 3rd and 6th data sets will plot as dashed lines unless you use SetLineStyles to change it.

A line style can be set to 'none' to suppress the line for that data set. This is only useful with 'linepoints' plot types, and results in a 'points' plot type for that data set: markers only, but no lines. (This is available with PHPlot-5.0rc3 and higher.) Logo

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