SetPieDirection — Set the direction for pie chart segments




SetPieDirection sets the direction for segments around a pie chart - clockwise or counter-clockwise.



Indicates the direction for pie segments. Use the string 'clockwise' or 'CW' to get segments in a clockwise direction. Use the string 'counterclockwise' or 'CCW' to get segments in a counter-clockwise direction. (The argument value is not case sensitive.)


The default direction is counter-clockwise.

See also SetPieStartAngle which is used to set the starting angle for the first pie segment.


See Section 5.47, “Example - Pie Chart Start Angle and Direction”.


This function was added in PHPlot-6.0.0. Before that, pie chart segments always started at 0 degrees and advanced in a counter-clockwise direction around the pie. Logo

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