SetPlotType — Select the type of plot - how the data will be graphed




SetPlotType selects a type of plot from among the plot types supported by PHPlot.



A string indicating the type of plot. The following types are available:

  • area

  • bars

  • boxes

  • bubbles

  • candlesticks

  • candlesticks2

  • linepoints

  • lines

  • ohlc

  • pie

  • points

  • squared

  • squaredarea

  • stackedarea

  • stackedbars

  • stackedsquaredarea

  • thinbarline


The default plot type is 'linepoints'.

A complete description of the available plot types can be found in Section 3.4, “PHPlot Plot Types”.


Plot types 'squaredarea' and 'stackedsquaredarea' were added in PHPlot-6.2.0.

Plot type 'boxes' was added in PHPlot-6.1.0.

Plot type 'bubbles' was added in PHPlot-5.5.0.

Plot types 'candlesticks', 'candlesticks2', and 'ohlc' were added in PHPlot-5.3.0.

Plot type 'stackedarea' was added in PHPlot-5.1.1. Logo

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