SetPointSizes — Sets the point size for each data set




SetPointSizes assigns a point size to each data set in a plot. 'Point' here refers to the marker drawn at each data point in 'points' and 'linepoints' type plots. For example, if each data row contains 4 Y values, the first point size will be used for the first Y value, the second point size for the second Y value, etc.



An array of point sizes, or a single value. All values are in pixels. If a single value, that size is used for all data sets. If an array, the array values are the sizes for each subsequent data set in a plot.


If an array is used for $ps, it must use zero-based sequential integer indexes.

This applies only to 'points' and 'linepoints' plot types.

PHPlot duplicates the entries in the shorter of the two arrays, point sizes and point shapes (set by SetPointShapes), to make both arrays the same size. Then it uses the entries in order, restarting at the beginning, for each data set at each X value. For example, if point sizes is (6, 10), and point shapes is ('diamond', 'dot', 'rect'), then PHPlot first extends point sizes to (6, 10, 6) to match the point shapes. If there are 4 data sets to plot, PHPlot draws the point markers at each X value as: diamond (size 6), dot (size 10), rect (size 6), diamond (size 6).

By default, all point sizes are 6 pixels.


Through PHPlot-5.0.7, the default size array was (5, 5, 3). However, there were bugs in processing the sizes of the point shapes and point sizes arrays. Also, for some point sizes, PHPlot rounded the size up to the next even number. Logo

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