SetXDataLabelAngle — Set the text angle for X data labels




SetXDataLabelAngle sets the text angle for X data labels. If using TrueType fonts, any angle can be used. If using built-in GD fonts, only 0 degree and 90 degree text can be used.



Desired angle for label text, in degrees.


This function applies to both X axis data labels and X data value labels. See Section 3.6, “Labels” for more information on data labels.

By default, X Data Labels are drawn at the same angle as X Tick Labels, as set with SetXLabelAngle.


This function was added to PHPlot in 5.1.0. Through PHPlot-5.0.7, SetXLabelAngle set the angle for both text and data labels.

Through PHPlot-5.0.7, there was a deprecated function by the same name that simply called SetXLabelAngle. Logo

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