SetXTitle — Sets the X axis title, and optionally its position


$plot->SetXTitle($xtitle, [$xpos])


SetXTitle sets the text to be displayed as the X axis title. Optionally, it also sets the position of the title and the axis itself: below the graph (the usual place), above the graph, both, or neither.



The text string to use for the X axis title. The string can contain multiple lines, separated by newlines (in PHP: "\n").


Optional position for the X axis and title. Use one of the following strings for the position:

plotdownX axis below the plot
plotupX axis above the plot
bothOne X axis above, and one below
noneNo X axis, no X axis title

The default is 'plotdown'.


By default, there is no X axis title. If SetXTitle is called with an empty string as the title, the default behavior is restored. This includes not leaving space on the graph for the title. Logo

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