StartStream — Begin a Motion-JPEG (or other type) plot stream




StartStream is used to begin producing streaming plots. This is a series of plots that are displayed rapidly, resulting in a moving video-like sequence. StartStream outputs the initial HTTP headers for the stream, disables browser-side caching, and prepares for the plot stream.




The three functions StartStream(), PrintImageFrame, and EndStream are used together to produce streaming plots. Scripts producing streaming plots must use a web server. The PHP CLI will not work, because streaming plots require HTTP headers.

For more on streaming plots, see Section 4.9, “Streaming Plots”.


See PrintImageFrame for a partial example, and Section 4.9.3, “Streaming Plots - Example” for the complete example.


This function was added in PHPlot-5.8.0. Prior releases are not able to produce streaming plots. Logo

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