Appendix A. Change Log

This is the summary change log for the PHPlot Reference Manual. (For a more detailed list of changes, see the ChangeLog file in the manual's Subversion repository. For changes to PHPlot itself, see the ChangeLog file inside the PHPlot distribution.)


Released updated version of the manual corresponding to PHPlot-6.2.0. This documents the new plot types squaredarea and stackedsquaredarea, and extended printf custom label formatting. Numerous small corrections have been made throughout the manual, including changes for PHP-7, and changes based on phpdoc comments made in the PHPlot code.


Released updated version of the manual corresponding to PHPlot-6.1.0. This documents the new boxes plot type for Box Plots, and the new data-data-yx-error data type for horizontal error plots.


Released updated version of the manual corresponding to PHPlot-6.0.0. This is a summary of the changes:


Released updated version of the manual corresponding to PHPlot-5.8.0. Section 4.2, “PHPlot Object Serialization” and Section 4.9, “Streaming Plots” under Chapter 4, PHPlot Advanced Topics were added, documenting new features. The section on label formatting was broken apart into a separate sub-section for each formatting type, and now includes documentation for the new arguments to custom formatting callback functions.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.7.0. This includes documentation for new function DrawMessage() (with example), and new label color controls SetDataLabelColor(), SetDataValueLabelColor(), SetPieLabelColor(), and SetTickLabelColor(). The table in Plot Element Colors has been expanded to include default colors.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.6.0. This includes new material and examples for pie chart label types and formats.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.5.0.


Added a new chapter at the end of Part III, Developer's Guide to PHPlot with a list of PHPlot class constants. (Since there is only one constant, this is a very short chapter.)


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.4.0.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.3.1.


Added a new section in the Advanced chapter on placing multiple plots on an image, and added a new example of overlay plots.


Added a short new section in the Advanced chapter showing how to extend the PHPlot class to customize default settings.


New sub-section in Concepts chapter, Colors section, showing which function is used to set the color for each plot element.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.3.0.


Document 2 new functions to control drawing of the axis lines.


Restructuring. Too much advanced material was ending up in the basic programming chapter "Concepts". There is now a new chapter "Advanced", which includes the material on Callbacks (demoted from chapter to section), plus two sections previously in "Concepts": custom data color callback, and truecolor images. Also moved the Functions by Category chapter after Examples, not before.

Added new section "Tuning Parameters" in the Advanced chapter, to provide more information about class variables that can be set to adjust plot appearance.


Documented 3 new plot types - OHLC financial plots, with examples.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.2.0.


Changes for new color processing. Mostly internal functions and methods, but also two new public methods were added for controlling title colors.


Document new behavior of stackedbar plots with negative values.


Changes for new X and Y axis position defaults.


Documentation was added and changes made for horizontal plot types and their new data types. (This was previously an experimental feature, documented in a text file included in with the PHPlot release.) Three new examples were added, showing horizontal plot types.

A terminology change was necessary due to the introduction of horizontal plots and dual use of Y data labels, which are now symmetrical with X data labels. Previously, data labels referred to labels from the data array which were displayed along the X axis or top edge, and Y data labels referred to the Y bar value labels displayed within the plot area. The manual now distinguishes these by type, not axis. Axis data labels are labels from the data array which are displayed along the independent variable axis, and data value labels show the value of a data point using the dependent variable. The general term data labels is used to refer to both types of labels. (For example, SetXDataLabelAngle applies to data labels - both axis data labels and data value labels.)


Changes were made throughout the manual to support production of a PDF version. The changes should have only a small impact on the HTML version.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.1.3.


Rewrote and updated sections related to TrueType font handling. Starting after PHPlot-5.1.2 this works differently and hopefully better.


Removed the Extra Data Processing section in the Concepts chapter, and removed the phplot_data.php file from the installation steps. This file has been removed from the release. (Reference bug report 3048267.)


Document the new data color customization callback with a new section in the Concepts chapter and two new examples.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.1.2.


New section added to PHPlot Concepts chapter on using truecolor images. The reference and developer information were also updated, and a new example was added.


Documented changes to image border and plot border functions.


Added a new example to the examples chapter with a complete mini-application containing a web form and form handling script.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.1.1.


Document new Y Data Labels for stacked bar charts.

Document new plot type 'stackedarea'.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.1.0.


Document 4 new functions and changes to existing functions related to new controls on data labels versus tick labels.

Removed function list from Getting Started chapter, because it was out of date and duplicated material in another chapter.


Added sections to the Concepts chapter about using TrueType fonts and special characters, because it didn't seem to have been documented anywhere else.


Added a new section to the Callbacks chapter about using a callback for annotating a plot. This goes with a new example added to the Examples chapter.


Added a new chapter to Part III Developer's Guide documenting the internal member class variables. The chapter on Callbacks has been moved from Part III up into Part I.


Documented SetImageBorderType('none') and Set[XY]LabelType('').


Updated SetNumberFormat to document a new hook variable to override locale, and fixed the example under SetXLabelType on rendering a Euro symbol.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.0.7.

PHPlot license is now LGPL-2.1.

Add information to SetRGBArray about using large and custom color maps.

Updates to Developer's Guide and Reference sections to document new feature allowing partial margin specifications in SetMarginsPixels and SetPlotAreaPixels.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.0.6.


Changes were made for the next PHPlot release, including new label formatting types and mixed GD/TTF text types.


Reference sections were changed to add a History subsection, detailing behavior in previous releases. This information was previously in the Notes subsections, but is not usually relevant to users of the current release.


Update copyright year to 2008.

Updates to Part III, Developer's Guide for changes in internal functions used for text handling and margin/scale processing. Updated figure showing the plot layout.

Added new chapter to Developer's Guide on the callbacks feature, and added documentation of the 3 public functions used with callbacks to the Function Reference. The text is based on the Callbacks file which was included with PHPlot-5.0.4 (and will removed in the next release). Although this is now documented in the manual, the callbacks feature is still considered experimental.


Added new section to Concepts chapter on error handling.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.0.4, which should be released in the next few days.

Added documentation for new function SetLegendStyle.

Removed use of reference assignment (=&) in all inline examples, external examples, and reference material when creating a PHPlot object. Added note to PHPlot constructor reference explaining why.

Added documentation for new function SetNumberFormat.

Added new Part III - PHPlot Developer's Guide. This includes two layout figures and a list of internal functions. This is mostly intended as reference material for maintainers of PHPlot, but may be of use to others as well. More text may be added to this part in the future.

Document the requirement that style arrays use zero-based sequential integer indexes only. This includes colors, point shapes/sizes, line widths, and line styles.


Released updated version of the manual to correspond to PHPlot-5.0rc3. Documented new Y data labels for bar charts and line/point suppression. Add a note on how to get borderless, unshaded bars (needed due to a recent bug fix).

Updates were applied to the installation section to match the README included with 5.0rc3. Minimum PHP level corrected to 4.3.0, and noted that PHP 5 works, as this has now been tested. Deleted note about included examples and documentation; these have been removed from the release.

Three examples which use random data where changed to use a fixed seed, so the results are repeatable.

A new example was added, showing a bar chart with data labels.


Released manual dated 2006-11-11 to This is the first release of the manual on SourceForge. It corresponds to PHPlot-5.0rc2 with several patches applied.


Conversion of manual from DocBook-SGML to DocBook-XML. Reorganized, so the reference section is now alphabetical by function name, with a new chapter for category grouping of functions.


Limited release of draft manual dated 2005-02-27.


Limited release of draft manual dated 2005-02-06. Logo

This version of the manual was produced for the PHPlot Sourceforge project web service site, which requires the logo on each page.

To download a logo-free copy of the manual, see the PHPlot project downloads area.