5.10. Example - Pie Chart, flat with options

For this pie chart, we turned off shading with SetShading to get a flat pie instead of a 3-D look. We also overrode the default colors with our own array using SetDataColors, and used the same color names to make a legend with SetLegend. Finally, we moved the labels in towards the center with SetLabelScalePosition.

Example 5.10. Pie Chart, flat with options

Pie Chart, Flat, with Options Example
# PHPlot Example:  Flat Pie with options
require_once 'phplot.php';

$data = array(
  array('', 10),
  array('', 20),
  array('', 30),
  array('', 35),
  array('',  5),

$plot = new PHPlot(800,600);

$colors = array('red', 'green', 'blue', 'yellow', 'cyan');


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