SetDataType — Indicate the format of the data array




SetDataType tells PHPlot how to interpret the data array set with SetDataValues. More information on data types can be found in Section 3.3, “PHPlot Data Types”.



The data array format type, which must be one of the following values:

Data TypeDescription
text-data Plot with implied X: (Label, Y1, [Y2, ...])
data-data Plot with explicit X: (Label, X, Y1, [Y2, ...])
data-data-error Error plot: (Label, X, Y1, Y1err+, Y1err-, [Y2, ...])
text-data-single Simple pie chart data: (Label, Value)
text-data-yx Horizontal plot with implied Y: (Label, X1, [X2, ...])
data-data-yx Horizontal plot with explicit Y: (Label, Y, X1, [X2, ...])
data-data-yx-error Horizontal error plot: (Label, Y, X1, X1err+, X1err-, [X2, ...])
data-data-xyz Plot with X, Y, Z data: (Label, X, Y1, Z1, [Y2, Z2, ...])

Note: The descriptions above show one row of the data array.


The default data type is text-data.

An example of a text-data data array is:

$data = array(  array('Jan', 100, 150, 200),
                array('Feb', 110, 140, 210),
                array('Mar', 120, 145, 200),
                array('Apr', 110, 160, 220) );

This defines the data for 3 data sets with 4 points on each, and a month name as label for each point. This is also a valid data array for data type text-data-yx.

An example of a data-data data array is:

$data = array(  array('', 2, 15),
                array('', 4, 14),
                array('', 6, 10),
                array('', 8, 20) );

Here the labels are empty strings, next are the X values, then a single set of Y values (1 data set, 1 plot line). This is also a valid data array for data type data-data-yx, with each row containing a Y value, followed by a single X value.

An example of a data-data-error data array is:

$data = array(  array('1999', 1, 23.5, 5, 3),
                array('2000', 2, 20.1, 4, 4),
                array('2001', 3, 19.1, 3, 4),
                array('2002', 4, 16.8, 4, 3) );

Here the labels are years, next are the X values 1-4, then a single set of Y values with error ranges between 3 and 5 for each point.

An example of a text-data-single data array, used only for pie charts, is:

$data = array(  array('', 10),
                array('', 40),
                array('', 50) );

Here the labels are empty, and 3 segments with relative weights of 10, 40, and 50 are defined.

Data type alias data-data-error-yx can be used in place of data-data-yx-error. There are other data type aliases, such as text-linear, which exist for compatibility with very old versions of PHPlot, but they are not documented.


Data type data-data-yx-error was added in PHPlot-6.1.0 for horizontal error plots. Data type data-data-xyz was added in PHPlot-5.5.0 for the bubbles plot type. Data type data-data-yx for horizontal plots was added in PHPlot-5.1.3. Data type text-data-yx for horizontal bar charts was added in PHPlot-5.1.2. Logo

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