SetDataValueLabelColor — Set the color for data value labels




SetDataValueLabelColor sets the color which is used for data value labels. These are the labels which show the values of data points or bars, within the plot area. (Do not confuse these with axis data labels, which are displayed along the X or Y axis lines.)



Color value to use. See Section 3.5, “Colors” for more on color values.


If SetDataValueLabelColor is not used, data value labels default to using the color set for all data labels with SetDataLabelColor. If that function is not used, both types of data labels default to using the general text color set with SetTextColor. If none of SetDataValueLabelColor, SetDataLabelColor, or SetTextColor is used, the default color for all data labels is black.

See also Section 3.6, “Labels” for information about different label types.

PHPlot has a deprecated function called SetLabelColor. Do not use this function. It does not set the color used for labels.


This function was added in PHPlot-5.7.0, and the defaults were changed as described above. Through PHPlot-5.6.0, the data value labels were drawn using the title color, as set with SetTitleColor. Since data value labels are not titles, this was incorrect, and they should have been using the general text color like other data labels. There were two parts to the fix in PHPlot-5.7.0: data value label color now defaults to the general text color rather than the title color, and new functions SetDataValueLabelColor and SetDataLabelColor were added to allow separate control of label colors. Logo

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