5.7. Example - Line/Point Plot, Point Shapes

This is a 'linepoints' plot (Lines/Points) showing all the point shapes available for 'point' and 'linepoints' plots. In this example, we also use a legend to display a text string for each data set, and change the data colors to get a different color for each point shape. Note that the point shape sizes have been increased to 10 in this example, to make them easier to identify.

Example 5.7. Line/Point Plot, Point Shapes

Line/Point Plot Example
# PHPlot Example: Line-Point plot showing all the point shapes
require_once 'phplot.php';

# This array is used for both the point shapes and legend:
$shapes = array('bowtie', 'box', 'circle', 'cross', 'delta',
    'diamond', 'dot', 'down', 'halfline', 'home',
    'hourglass', 'line', 'plus', 'rect', 'star',
    'target', 'triangle', 'trianglemid', 'up', 'yield');

# Number of shapes defines the number of lines to draw:
$n_shapes = count($shapes);

# Make offset diagonal lines, one for each shape:
$ppl = 6; # Number of points per line.
$data = array();
for ($i = 0; $i < $ppl; $i++) {
    $subdata = array('', $i);
    $offset = $n_shapes + $ppl - $i - 2;
    for ($j = 0; $j < $n_shapes; $j++) $subdata[] = $offset - $j;
    $data[] = $subdata;

$plot = new PHPlot(800, 600);


# Main plot title:
$plot->SetTitle('Linepoints Plot - All Point Shapes');

# Increase X range to make room for the legend.
$plot->SetPlotAreaWorld(0, 0, $ppl, $n_shapes + $ppl - 2);
# Turn off tick labels and ticks - not used for this plot.

# Need some different colors;
$plot->SetDataColors(array('orange', 'blue', 'maroon', 'red', 'peru',
    'cyan', 'black', 'gold', 'purple', 'YellowGreen',
    'SkyBlue', 'green', 'SlateBlue', 'navy', 'aquamarine1',
    'violet', 'salmon', 'brown', 'pink', 'DimGrey'));

# Show all shapes:

# Make the points bigger so we can see them:

# Make the lines all be solid:

# Also show that as the legend:

# Draw no grids:


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