5.8. Example - Pie Chart, text-data-single

This is a pie chart with the data array type 'text-data-single'. This data type is only used with pie charts. Each record in the data array simply contains a label (which is not used by PHPlot) and a segment size. In this example, we use the label to identify the data for our own reference, and then build a legend from those data labels along with the data values. This is useful because by default PHPlot labels the segments with only the percentage values. (Starting with PHPlot-5.6.0, there are new options for labels. See Section 5.41, “Example - Pie Chart Label Types”.)

Example 5.8. Pie Chart, text-data-single

Pie Chart text-data-single Example
# PHPlot Example: Pie/text-data-single
require_once 'phplot.php';

# The data labels aren't used directly by PHPlot. They are here for our
# reference, and we copy them to the legend below.
$data = array(
  array('Australia', 7849),
  array('Dem Rep Congo', 299),
  array('Canada', 5447),
  array('Columbia', 944),
  array('Ghana', 541),
  array('China', 3215),
  array('Philippines', 791),
  array('South Africa', 19454),
  array('Mexico', 311),
  array('United States', 9458),
  array('USSR', 9710),

$plot = new PHPlot(800,600);


# Set enough different colors;
$plot->SetDataColors(array('red', 'green', 'blue', 'yellow', 'cyan',
                        'magenta', 'brown', 'lavender', 'pink',
                        'gray', 'orange'));

# Main plot title:
$plot->SetTitle("World Gold Production, 1990\n(1000s of Troy Ounces)");

# Build a legend from our data array.
# Each call to SetLegend makes one line as "label: value".
foreach ($data as $row)
  $plot->SetLegend(implode(': ', $row));
# Place the legend in the upper left corner:
$plot->SetLegendPixels(5, 5);


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